An Ocean of Solutions

Delivering market based solutions to substantially impact climate issues and enhance biodiversity in seas and soils.

A Global Problem

Our oceans are out of balance

93% of the increased heat from global warming ends up in the upper ocean, critically reducing ocean circulation.

Amazon fires have caused a significant increase in nutrient runoff, creating a massive, and at the moment disruptive, seaweed bloom.

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  • Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt, stretching from the west coast of Africa to the Gulf of Mexico

Our Solution

Our solution is two pronged: Harvest and process seaweed floating on the ocean, then move to growing our own at scale.

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  • Phase 1: Sargassum Collection and Processing. Phase 2: 100 acre Kelp growing arrays in the ocean.

Majority of Sargassum goes to a landfill, we will process it for multiple end-markets.

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  • Phase 1: A multi-megaton explosion of sargassum landed since 2011.

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Marine Permaculture™ is featured as one of four solutions that exist today that can have meaningful impact on the planet's sustainability.

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Learn about how C-Combinator is going to address the global demand for food, feed, fertilizer and advanced materials while drawing down carbon and restoring life in the oceans with Brian Von Herzen, Paul Hawken and Damon Gameau.

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Brian von Herzen, Ph.D.
Inventor, Board Member and Technical Advisor

• Executive Director and Founder, The Climate Foundation
• Board Member, Prime Coalition
• CTO, Co-Founder and Board Member, Bright Energy Storage Technologies
• Ph.D. in Computer and Planetary Science, Caltech
• 12 patents issued, 12 patents pending and 11 publications
• Researcher, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
• AB in Physics, Princeton University


Geoff Chapin
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

• Founding Investor and Advisor, Phoenix Revolution (Cleaner reverse osmosis company)
• Board Member, Prime Coalition & Environmental Entrepreneur
• Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in New England
• Climate Champion Designation in 2016
• Founder, Chairman and CEO, Next Step Living
• Manager, Bridgespan Group and Bain & Co
• MBA/MPA, MIT Sloan and Harvard JFK School of Government
• BA, Williams College


Ben Ellis, CFA
Executive Vice President

• Senior Vice President, Phoenix Revolution (Cleaner reverse osmosis company)
• Principal, Portfolio Manager and Analyst, Teterem Capital Management
• Managed over $5B in actively managed equity portfolios
• Associate, BSE Management (Oceanwood private equity affiliate)
• Analyst, Oceanwood Capital Management
• CFA. Charterholder
• BA, Dalhousie University


Jason R. Cole, PhD
Director of Business and Product Development

• Vice-Chancellor, Information Technology for Peralta Community College District
• Chairman and CEO, Remote-Learner, Inc.
• Lead designer, IBM Global Sales School
• Founder, Cognition and Instruction Associates
• Published author and keynote speaker
• Ph.D. in Educational Technology, University of Northern Colorado
• BA in Environmental Conservation, University of Colorado, Boulder


Jorge Vega
Program Director - Puerto Rico & the Caribbean

• Design Researcher & Communications strategist with experience in programs impacting Germany, Brazil, UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, USA, Argentina, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica & Dominican Republic
• Co-Curator of Peripheral Intuitions, an immersive artistic practice focused on the senses & culture of the Global South & marginalized identities
• Co-founder of Coliga, a startup offering infrastructure for future work collectives
• BS in Foreign Service, Georgetown University


Crystal Johnson
Director of Business Development - Biogas

• Over twenty years of experience in planning, management, policy and assessment of environmental resources, energy and sustainability.
• Focuses on advancing critical environmental solutions for climate restoration that are innovative and integrative.
• Specializes in strategic planning of high-profile, triple bottom line sustainable solutions and programs.
• Leverages her creative and critical thinking skills, coupled with her excellent communication skills, to cultivate impactful strategies.
• University of California, Berkeley


John-Paul Doughty
Vice President, Global Business Development

• Operations Director & Co-founder, Current Vehicles Ltd. Bermuda.
• Businesses Development Director, Bermuda Engineering Limited.
• Advisory Board Member, Blockchain Triangle Financial Technologies.
• Independent Business Development and Sustainability Consultant.
• MSc Green Economies, University of Bournemouth, U.K.
• BA Business Management, Oxford Brookes University, U.K.


Lisbeth Echevarria, PhD
Lead Scientist, Puerto Rico

• Over 10 years of experience in research, academic, and leadership positions.
• As a microbiologist, investigated the colonization and virulence factors in Campylobacter by generation of gene knockouts for vaccine development.
• Serve as a liaison in writing and developing strategic, and operational plans for the COVID-19 pandemic in support of state and interagency partners.
• Contributed with technical expertise during Zika-virus Epidemic Response Operations in Puerto Rico.
• As military intelligence, developed incident, awareness and assessment collection plans and strategies to mitigate loss of life during catastrophic events.
• Created several databases for the geospatial visualization of critical infrastructure in Puerto Rico.
• Ph.D. in Microbiology, The University of Arizona
• BS in Microbiology, Universidad del Este
• A.S. in Intelligence Operations, Cochise College


Jonas Kunz
Senior Associate Director, Sales Engineer

• Concept Lead at the Governance Lab @Google, Berlin.
• Consultant at VG&S - Business Development
• Project Lead-Europe and Fellow at Climate Foundation, Woodshole, MA.
• Co-Founder of the B.I.R.D.S. Project at the Hannah Arendt Center, NY.
• Associate Fellow at the Hannah Arendt Center, Bard College.
• BA, Political Studies at Bard College, Dec. ‘17.


Jon Wettack
Senior Associate Director, Americas Sales

• Founder, RepTele Communications
• Top Sales Rep nationally, Extremity Specialist Division at Depuy Synthes, a J&J subsidiary
• B.A. Business Administration, Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington.
• B.S. Kinesiology, Western Washington University


Benjamin I. Jelen, PhD
Senior Associate Director, Lab Manager

• Ph.D. in Environmental Microbiology, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.
• Published scholar, researcher and speaker on the evolution of microbial electron transfer, the foundation of biological carbon fixation and sequestration.
• Student at the 2016 Microbial Diversity Summer Course, Marine Biological Labs, Woods Hole, Massachusetts.
• B.A. in Biology, Rutgers University

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