We harvest the world's most sustainable material, in ocean-healing ways

We are a Public Benefit Corporation partnering with companies & institutions to research and develop seaweed into productive and innovative products, starting with biostimulants and natural fertilizers.

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Global levels of CO2 have been growing rapidly in the last century

A rise of 2,000 ppm by about 2250 (IPCC worst-case scenario) implies a civilization-threatening rise of 9 degrees C (16°F) in global temperatures.









All latest data is reported as the number of molecules of carbon dioxide divided by the number of all molecules in air carbon, measured at Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii.

Our oceans are out of balance

Deforestation & water pollution have significantly increased nutrient runoff. In combination with warming oceans, it has normalized the explosion of seaweed blooms suffocating costal ecosystems, and disrupting communities and livelihoods.

Seaweed plant

A win-win model: a planet-saving resource that also transforms markets

Seaweeds grows faster than terrestrial plant, by efficiently absorbing nutrients found at sea, including CO2. That makes it an ultra-sustainable resource that can offset carbon at a global scale.

Even more, our proprietary harvesting and processing technology allows us to turn seaweed into innovative biomaterials for industries like pharma and agriculture, while avoiding or minimizing further release of harmful byproducts.

Our model is built on bringing both economic viability & regenerative potential to carbon offset & ocean de-acidification.

The Rainforests of the Ocean

Powered by available water, nutrients and energy, seaweed biomass can vastly accelerate carbon drawdown compared to traditional land-based methods. Even more, when properly managed and harvested, it strenghtens fish stocks and marine habitats by restoring important ecosystems.













Blue Economy For Island Nations

We believe that responsible stewardship of ocean resources will lead to transformative economies, sustainable development, environmental recovery, and resilient communities.

Starting with a biorefinery in Puerto Rico & a processing hub in México, we are focused on island nations & coastal economies that are most at risk of climate collapse & resource dependence.

Creating Circular Economies around marine biomass is an important component of resilient, low-carbon approaches to island sustainability, alongside renewable energy and food sovereignty.

Map showing Puerto Rico and Mexico islands

Building alliances for the health of our seas

As a Public Benefit Corporation, we have a mandate to put our resources to work in restoring the health of the oceans & climate. We're proud to partner with intitutions, citizen movements, governments, and other companies in this.

Meet The Team

Adrianna Guzman Dominguez

Associate Lab Assistant

Ben Ellis, CFA

Chief Financial Officer

Benjamin I. Jelen, PhD

Director, Research and Development

Brian von Herzen, Ph.D.

Technical Advisor

Crystal Johnson

Director of Business Development - Biogas

Geoff Chapin

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

Hector Luis Paris

Senior Associate Director, Collection and Processing

Jason R. Cole, PhD

EVP, Innovation

John “Jack” Harrison

Senior Associate Director, Project Manager

John-Paul Doughty

VP, Global Business Development

Jon Wettack

Director of Operations

Jonas Kunz

Technical Sales Director

Jorge Vega Matos

VP, Communications & Marketing

Lisbeth Echevarria, PhD

Lead Scientist, Microbial

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