Become a Partner in Seaweed Innovation

Beach with sargassum and waves

We’re pioneering a unique approach to turning the damaging Sargassum explosion into innovative products that heal our environment. By combining a cascading biorefinery model, proprietary science and collection operations in key points in the Caribbean we create unique products at scale with a wide range of applications.

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With our partners, we are co-developing a range of products, including:

Biodegradable food/CPG packaging

We are developing completely biodegradable packaging for food, cosmetics and personal care that won’t leave any of the toxic microparticles from petroleum-based plastics.

Organic Biostimulant

Ourbio-stimulant helps plants grow deeper roots, allowing them to access more nutrients and become more resilient to heat, drought, and wind.This helps farmers cut their dependence on often toxic fertilizers.

Non-toxic insulation & Filler

Our advanced materials development include lightweight, highly insulating aerogels which can replace plastic and down fills in jackets with a carbon-negative, fully degradable natural product.

Join Us in Restoring the Oceans

Contact us to learn more about our product pipeline, investment opportunities, and research partnerships.

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