What we do

Seaweed provides a sustainable and regenerative platform to address CO2 sequestration, pollution and volatility from our climate emergency. Our systems-level approach means that every part of our operation - from collection to distribution - is geared at restoring vital ecosystems and supporting resilient circular economies.
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Agriculture and Agroforestry

Our biostimulants and fertilizers increase the health and performance of every hectare. It helps growers overcome challenges from environmental stress and soil exhaustion, through formulations that improve field vigor and optimize how plants use nutrients throughout the season. While most fertilizers rely on compounds like Polyacrymalide, our products are naturally extracted and formulated.

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Textiles, Non-wovens, and Packaging

By providing reliable and sustainable raw materials, we help bring biodegradable and carbon-neutral innovations to apparel, interiors, and packaging design. From leather and down, to plastics and foam, we're delivering alternatives that are good for the whole planet. And given Sargassum's range of properties, also improving on the quality of every-day materials.

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Cosmetics, Bio-medical, and Tissue-Engineering

Our bioactive extracts greatly enhance the ability for products to be non-toxic, free from petrochemicals, and gentler to the body. With a range of fluids, carriers, and skins we are able to tailor our materials for sensitive uses cases - particularly where Sargassum's innate properties bring natural and plant-based strength, biocompatibility and bioactivity.

Our Products

Biostimulant made from Sargassum

A new seaweed platform for carbon-neutral, innovative manufacturing

We have developed a model for a cascading biorefinery to create a range of products for agriculture, textiles, personal care and cosmetics. Our products help reduce and offset emissions from fossil fuels and traditional plastics, while minimizing waste.